Oracle 12c RMAN New Features

In Oracle 12c , there are lot of new great RMAN features  focused on reducing recovery time; Some of them to provide better DBA 🙂 experience too .Let us  glance at some of them in this blog.

  1. Support for point in time recovery for tables  and partitions. I would rate this as one of best options of Oracle 12c.
  2. Option to duplicate database with NOOPEN option so that duplicated/cloned database remains in mount state. Prior to 12c, the cloned database is automatically opened in RESETLOGS mode. The NOOPEN option is very useful when you want to clone a database  as part of upgrade.
  3. In Oracle 12c , duplicate database supports pull based restore from backup sets; Prior to Oracle 12c , the support was only for push based restore from image copies.
  4. Support for recovering the database from snapshots taken using 3rd party vendors like EMC,Hitachi etc. The recover command now supports SNAPSHOT  TIME clause to implement this feature.
  5. Transporting database across platforms using backupsets. Prior to 12c, only image copies was supported.
  6. Transporting database across platforms using inconsistent backups i.e.. backups taken without putting the database in READONLY mode. New clause ALLOW INCONSISTENT is introduced to implement this.
  7. Support for execution of SQL commands from RMAN prompt without SQL prefix.
  8. Support for SQL*Plus command DESC  from RMAN prompt.

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