Improving performance of GoldenGate Replicat

It has be quite few years that I have been working with GoldenGate.  I am really impressed with this replication tool.  Its very easy to install, manage and learn this tool. In this blog, I am writing about how to improve the performance  of replicat.

As time permits , I will be adding more information regarding this topic.

Replicate can operate in three modes.

  1. Source mode: Transaction is applied in the same order as they occur in source database
  2. Normal mode: Multiple transaction are grouped together and applied.
  3. Batch mode:  Multiple similar SQL statements from different transactions are grouped together and applied.

You get better performance with batch mode off course there are some caveats.  The performance improvement is more for smaller row changes than large row changes. It basically follows law of diminishing returns where in he performance improvement decreases as the size of row change increases.

Batch mode should be avoided when the chances of data collision is more because replicat reverts back to normal mode when errors are encountered. If errors still persists , Replicat will apply transaction as they occurred in source database.


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