Disable Optimizer Features

Every version of Oracle optimizer  has new features and bugs. As requirements of  every Oracle environment varies, there may be a need to enable and disable these features or bugs. From Oracle version , Oracle  introduced underscore parameter “_FIX_CONTROL” to enable and disable certain features or bugs mainly related to optimizer. This parameter can be specified at session or system level or at init.ora level. 

The syntax is “_FIX_CONTROL”=’BUG#:OFF’ or “_FIX_CONTROL”=’BUG#:ON’.  Incorrect syntax may prevent the database from being started or cause hangs if issued with alter system command.

Any patch that you want to disable or enable must be installed and viewable in the V$SYSTEM_FIX_CONTROL. The  view V$SYSTEM_FIX_CONTROL provides brief description of the  patch and the Oracle version it was introduced. At session level , you can query V$SESSION_FIX_CONTROL.

Note: Please consult with Oracle support before setting this parameter

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