LTOM (On-Board Monitor)

I came across LTOM while researching  on Oracle tools to collect data proactively before upgrading to 11gR2.  I was surprised that this wonderful tool existed and kind of proves the fact that there is no end to attaining knowledge; you always  learn something new everyday.

Some of the reasons I  was  impressed with this tool is

  1. LTOM is Proactive
  2. LTOM is tightly  integrated with OS
  3. LTOM collects data real time
  4. LTOM provide real time problem  detection and collects necessary diagnostic traces when the problem occurs, so you don’t have to wait for next occurrence of the  issue

LTOM   supports

  1. Automatic Hang Detection
  2. System Profile
  3. Automatic Session Tracing

As usual , do not use LTOM in production without blessings from Oracle support and testing. Refer  to metalink doc ID 352363.1 for more information

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